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STARC® Systems 8 Ft. Corridor Kit

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This STARC® Systems Configuration Spans 85-98" and Includes:

Qty: 1
Hinged Door Panel: 42" panel with hinged door. Part #: S3-HD-42H
Configurable to swing in/out or right/left. Telescoping to 10' 3". Includes bag of over the door filling slats. Closer and lock set.

Qty: 1
Air Panel: 24" panel for negative air setup. Part #: S3-AIR-24

Telescoping panel to 10' 3". Includes mounting area for digital negative air indicator (sold separately), louvered vent and adapter.

Qty: 1
Standard Wall Module: 24" |  Part #: S3-WM-24
Telescoping panel to 10' 3".

Qty: 2 (One Each)
Right Wall and Left Wall Interface | Part #: S3-RWI and S3-LWI
Telescoping to 10' 3" and adjustable in width for foam seal to walls.

Qty: 8
Flush Grid Clip | Part #: S3-FGC
Clips the modular panels to the ceiling grid. Adjustable.

Qty: 1 
Mobility Cart | Part #: S3-MC
Transports up to 8 panels.

Qty: 1
Tool Bag | Part #: TB
Includes wrenches and foam.