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Air Disinfection Module with UV-FORCE Far-UVC

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One pass kill on virus bacteria and mold in less than a second.

The HEPACART® Air Disinfection Module Featuring UV-FORCE FAR UVC is designed to our HEPAFORCE AIR 1100 air scrubber or other negative air machine to add virus cell destruction as a secondary level of protection.

26.35 ” L x 20.12” W x 16.6” H prior to adding flex ducting.
Weight: 40 lbs.

Airborne Pathogen Disinfection Module Featuring FAR UV Sterilray™ includes:

  • one 19" UV-FORCE lamp rated for 3,000 hours.
  • 300 watt power supply 
  • easy on/off switch
  • lamp hours meter
  • high reflective tube for maximum lamp exposure
  • heavy-duty aluminum housing
  • user's manual and guide
  • MERV 8 filter
  • 12" adaptor ring